Tamil Nadu Tourism

Tamilnadu travel is an enchanting tour to the ethinic land- Incredible South India
Tamil Nadu - located at the southern tip of India, is endearingly distinctive in its own unique way,with culture, ethnicity, naturalness and beauty. It is a  plethora of culture and tradition woven together which attracts tourists from the entire world . Nestled beautifully in the Indian Peninsula region between the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, Tamil Nadu opens to the fancy and passion of any kind of a traveler  an explorer with a keen eye for all aspects of travel or a traveler with a relaxed outlook.
 Tamil Nadu tourism stands out in its ethnicity that is so unique and incomparable  that it is often a desired destination for world tourism is really famous with its magnificent architecture, rich culture and exotic places.It gives you with a glimpse of the rich architectural genius of the bygone era through these majestic temples

I am pretty sure that the beautiful beaches, majestic temples or magnificent rock cut architecture, and everything, you find in Tamil Nadu will  mesmerize you and make you trip a memorable one.  

 Major Destinations of Tamilnadu

Capital city Chennai- A perfect blend of rich traditional culture and cosmopolitan lifestyle famous St. George and St. Mary's church

Marena beach with silver sands

famous St. George and St. Mary's church


Ootty – A famous Hill staion

mist clad Nilgiris etc


Temple Cities  












 commercial town of Tiruchirapalli,

temple city Rameshawaram,

 wildlife sanctuaries,

various events and festivals

 etc. are some of the major tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu. Tripenticer offerss to deliver you online information on Tour packages and tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu, South India .